Real Support to Migrate to the cloud

So what is wrong with this picture? All the blogs and websites you read tell you that moving your applications and data to the cloud should give you peace of mind. Not only immediate cost savings, but also the freedom to plan your business’s future strategy without being distracted by the day to day demands of data hosting and management. And yet, when you think about your cloud migration, you feel the opposite of calm and free. You have multiple concerns: about security, about the onboarding process and potential changes in performance and service levels, about the impact on regulatory compliance, about hidden cost surprises you’re not prepared for. So, how do you eliminate these worries and make the best decision for your company?

The way to proceed is to know what to look for.

Calitech™ can help you decide if a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid is right for you, or if you should opt for a hosting service such as Azure, and what the total cost of each solution would be. But even before having that conversation, you should rank your must-haves and your nice-to-haves, and decide what is most important for you, and what your absolutes that you cannot do without are. Depending on your industry, you should look for a solution that is flexible and complete for all your needs. You should demand fast implementation, built-in best practices and industry-driven security. And you should weigh very carefully the short term cost efficiencies you will enjoy by moving to the cloud against your long-term efficiencies. What I mean by that is that immediate short term savings – i.e. savings that come from not having to buy or update servers or obsolete hardware, office space, personnel, etc. – may actually be eclipsed by transformational business benefits. These will come from more efficient processes, more flexible working models and faster entry into new markets or new product deployment, all of which arise from freeing up your IT team and from mobile and other applications which allow you to react to your environment in real time.

In our next blog post we will discuss what questions you should ask before you commit to a cloud hosting solution.

By: Calitech™ Insights