Key Factors to Migrate to the Cloud

In our last post we discussed what to look for in a cloud hosting or managed services provider. Now we want to go over what questions you should ask.

I think there are 4 basic questions you should ask of any cloud hosting company:

  1. Is the implementation fast and easy? Make sure you’re not dragged into an overly complex implementation that will take you away from your main business. Your cloud service provider should have a good track record and good references – don’t just take their word for it.
  2. Is it secure? Make sure your chosen solution follows industry best practices so your data will be safe. Ask about security protocols and demand that they’re written into your contract. Also, ask what certifications they have.
  3. Is it scalable? In theory, you want a cloud that grows as your business grows. But what if your business is seasonal, or if it contracts? Will you need to pay for more capacity even if you don’t need it right now? Will that capacity be available when you do need it? Make sure you don’t have to pay for what you don’t use.
  4. What’s the price? Beware surprises in your final bill or additional cost to get the “platinum” treatment or customer support level. Life is complicated enough – your cloud invoice should be simple.

Once you’re satisfied with the answers to these 4 basic questions, you will have found your cloud hosting provider.

By: Calitech™ Insights