Hybrid Cloud



If you prefer to have some of your data and applications on premise, and store the rest with Calitech™, then the Calitech™ Hybrid Cloud is the way to go. A hybrid cloud is an integrated cloud service that allows you to have the best of the private and public clouds. Your private and public clouds will communicate over an encrypted connection, so that your data and applications can be transitioned form one to the other. With the Calitech™ Hybrid Cloud you have more flexibility and you can decide how to deploy your data. For example, you may decide to have critical applications on premise, and store email in the Calitech™ cloud. Or you may periodically move older data to Calitech™ in order to free up space in your own location. Or you may decide to use your private cloud for the everyday running of your business, and think of the Calitech™ cloud as a failover option. Most importantly, you can re-prioritize and change your deployments as frequently as you want – Calitech™ will be there to support you and to allow you to transition seamlessly from one environment to the other.


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Hybrid Cloud Computing for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Calitech™.net - Move / use applications between on premise and off-premise environments with infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) in hybrid cloud from Calitech™ Cloud Services and its partners.


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