Why Calitech™


At Calitech™, our primary mission is to enable your success. We do this by adhering to a few simple principles:


RELIABLE: Calitech™ Cloud Hosting and Managed Services meets stringent security and regulatory requirements, and provides 99.9% uptime and dedicated 24/7/365 support, eliminating the need for building, maintaining and staffing your own infrastructure.


SCALABLE: Calitech™ delivers a cloud experience that grows as your business grows, and fluctuates with your seasonality, so that you never run out of resources, but you also never have to pay for what you don’t use.


CUSTOMIZABLE: We work with you to understand your current and future needs, we design and build the solution that is right for you, and we ensure a seamless transition from your current environment, as well as integrations across on premise, third party and public cloud offerings.

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